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Visualizing our life as an apprentice as a wheel, what we are seeking or “where does the rubber meets the road” is all about our relationships: [] we are learning to “ with all we are and all we have, we learning to and we learning to as we love ourselves. [] If these relationships are so significant for life as an apprentice then it follows that God will use these relationships to shape and form our lives. You cannot be a Christian by yourself. You cannot say I love Jesus but I do not need the church. Well, you can say it but you will be wrong. You were not created to be “in Christ” and become a “new creation” and have “new birth” apart from the body of believers in the local church. I know this sounds very un-American where we have been taught that we are all self-made, able to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. You and I are apprentices of Jesus in the midst of significant Christian relationships. This is more than seeking out the advice of wise counsel. This is taking seriously your accountability to and for other Christians and together “seeking a way to open the windows of heaven to reveal the mind of Christ.”

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Sunday 02.05.2023

Ephesians 4:11-16

"We Are to Grow"

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