Beliefs and Core Values of what We Believe, who we are striving to become, and what we expect of each other as followers of Christ. 

  • WE BELIEVE that Christ is the Lord and Savior of us all. 

  • WE BELIEVE that the Word of God is the source of our values and guides our lives and ministries. 

  • WE BELIEVE that passionate worship is our expression of gratitude to God through the spoken word supported by music and the arts in diverse style and venue.

  • WE BELIEVE prayer is the basis of our personal relationship with God, the Holy Spirit and His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • WE BELIEVE that the discipline of tithing is a critical component of spiritual growth revealing God’s ownership of all we have, and an expression of our gratitude for His love.  

  • WE BELIEVE that the serving ministry of Jesus should be the model of our own ministry. 

  • WE BELIEVE that lost people matter and we model God in our love for the lost. (1John 3:16)

  • WE BELIEVE that we should be led by people with the spiritual gift of leadership, who are accountable to the Word of God. 

  • WE BELIEVE that spiritual growth through Bible study is essential to the equipping and discipline of our church family. 

  • WE BELIEVE that when lives are Christ-centered they will grow spiritually, be led to lead others to Christ, and perform the discipleship needed to further God’s Kingdom. 

  • WE BELIEVE that everyone is given gifts by the Holy Spirit for ministry and mission and the ministry should be taken seriously and put into practice according to their gifts.  

  • WE BELIEVE that God has a vision for our church and will enable us to grow into that vision if we obey and follow His leading. 

  • WE BELIEVE that we have the power by prayer, to do all the work God is asking us to do: to preach the Gospel, obey His teachings, and grow in Jesus’ love.