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This Year's JAM Theme...
"I Wonder. . ."
Family Selfie

Matthew 19:14

To develop life-long Disciples of Christ as children and families. With God’s grace and our church family, we will help each child and family discover their God-given potential and gifts through Christ-like attitudes, servanthood, and discipling. Each of our programs and activities is designed to help us accomplish our mission which is: (1) Discover God’s truth and the joy of knowing Christ, (2) Develop a passion for His Word and lifelong dedication to growing in a relationship with Him and (3) Display His love throughout our church and community through service and ministry.

Proverbs 22:6

Ministry to the children is important because children are exposed to many factors. Our goal is to shape and mold children into faithful followers of Christ who love the Bible and affirm its worth. We lead children to grow in their abilities to understand, express, and defend the Bible's teachings. Though we do our part, we believe the home is where the decision to follow Christ and live a God-centered life is most likely to take place. Parents are responsible for the spiritual development of their children. Our programs are designed to help, strengthen, confirm and reinforce what parents are teaching. Our aim is to partner with parents to ignite and nurture the faith of their children.

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Children's Race
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