Character Descriptions:

Grandpa Bill: A quick witted, senior and head of the family. He loves his wife, Louise, with all his heart and loves his traditions. He's quick to forgive, but tends to have a one liner up his sleeve at all times to lighten the mood in any situation.

Nanna Louise: A tender hearted grandmother who always enjoys having company and making a cozy environment for any guest she has. 

Aunt Whilma: She's the sister of Nanna Louise. She's the "crazy" one of the family, but she has no idea about that. She means well, has a big heart and loves to make others happy.

Brandon: Older Brother of Charlie, and father of Bobby and Kelcy. He's quiet, unless spoken to and tends to keep his opinions and thoughts to himself. 

Charlie: Brandon's little brother, but he's the Husband of Jill and father to Sam, Rachel, and Kyle. He loves to include everyone in the festivities and is usually up for anything fun. 

Jill: Loving mother to Sam, Rachel, and Kyle. She tends to worry a lot only because she has so many things that need to be done and raising three kids is a lot of work. 

Sam: Typical teenage boy. He's 16 and thinks he knows what's best. He's not really interested in much outside of his electronics and friends.

Rachel: Sam's teen sister who is also not very interested in family functions.

Kyle: Youngest of the family. He wants to be a part of everything, but gets frustrated with his older sister and brother.

Bobby: A college boy who brings's his fiance', Kim, to the family get together. 

Kim: Bobby's fiance' who is trying to fit in with this new family that she's coming to love. 

Kelcy: Bobby's younger sister. Tends to be the forgotten one of the family, but loves to be a part of everything. 

Cashier: Teenager who dislikes both their job and people.

Postman: Happy and very friendly mailman who loves bringing gifts around this time of the year.

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