Are You Ready for Fifth Sunday?

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5th Sunday for the:

Florida United Methodist Children’s Home

There's still time to help our children prepare for their new school year!  Your gift can provide the necessary supplies, additional tutoring, and other resources necessary to make them successful.


And it’s not just the youth living on our Enterprise campus.  It is also the children at our Madison Youth Ranch, as well as Foster children we care for across the state, who need supplies for the new school year.

Thank you for your continued support of the children in our care!

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Planning to attend worship on Sunday?  We ask that you register by Thursdays at noon, each week.  Please include any family or friends that you are social with, so you can be seated together.  This allows us to plan for seating to social distance.

Register with the names of all in your group & a contact phone:

Online – By email: By phone: 352-343-2761

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†   IN MEMORY OF:     

POLLY JUDD -  08-25-20

Please keep her family in prayer as services are planned in Michigan.

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Thank you for Serving the Community:

......There is a need for fabric masks for the schools.  If you, or someone you know would be interested in sewing masks, please contact Pat Alpaugh 352-742-4437.  Thanks & blessings!

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Small Group News:

UM Men’s Thursday morning Bible Study resumes this week.  They are ‘social distancing’ in the UMAC.  Bring your Bible and a mask… there’s a promise of donuts & coffeeJ

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Each week, as you join us Sunday at 10am, we will light a candle together to start our worship in-person and online:




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 · Church lobby is open Mon.-Weds.-Thur.: 10am-1pm

· Masks are required for entry into the Church office or hallways.

· Financial assistance is Tuesdays 10am-12noon, for local residents. While Food Pantry is closed until further notice, bags of emergency food are available Mon.-Weds.-Thurs. during lobby hours.  

· Office phones are answered Monday—Thursday:  9am-4pm.

· Please do not enter or exit at the Preschool during school hours.  

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Below is the outline for Sunday 08.30.2020. Last week God help us, this week God leads us to help other. My intention with these outlines is twofold. First, that it will help you follow along with the message and to write down what God might be saying to you. Second, that you will refer back to this later in the week as you think more on what God said to you on Sunday through the message. See you Sunday at 10am – together on-line and in-person.

Your friend on the journey,

Pastor Mike Briggs


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Nehemiah 5:1-13

The Least of These

What do we need to know?

1. “We Are Powerless”

The “Big Idea” – Christians should be _______________ when “the _______________ of these” are taken advantage of.

Why do we need to know it?

2. “You Did it to Me”

Matthew 25:31-46

There are _______________ _______________ in how we see and respond to the least of these.

The “Action Point” – Remember, what _______ do (think, speak about….) the “least of these” _______ do to Jesus.

What do we need to do?

3. Head on Change

A. Determine to _______________ .

B. Make a specific ____________ to correct your actions.

C. _______________ someone your plan.

D. Live in real _______________ of God.

Why do we need to do it?

4. Christians and Those Yet to Believe

How we treat the least of these _______________ how the world _______________ Jesus.

We _____________ because we have been ___________ .

Romans 5:8

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