Back to School and So Much More. . .

Children and Youth are starting back to School this week.

Our congregation is invited to Prayer Gathering 2020 this Sunday evening, 8/16, at 7:00pm. Schools across Lake & Sumter Counties are hosting their communities to pray for the 2020-2021 school year, and we have been asked to meet at local campuses to show support for our community schools.  The gates open at 6:45, and we will begin the event at 7:00pm.

At Tavares Middle School (1335 Lane Park Cut off, Tavares, FL 32778), there will be a “gallery walk” of six prayer stations, with specific topics to address for our school year.  Bookmarks with the topics will be handed out as people arrive, and those who feel more comfortable praying in their cars are welcome to do so.  Below you will find helpful descriptions of ways to pray for our schools.

In order to abide by CDC guidelines, all attendees are asked to wear a mask, if they are going to participate in the gallery prayer walk, and we will ask everyone to observe social distancing as much as possible.

Thanks for supporting your local students and teachers!

~Tom Valenta, Youth Director~

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†   IN MEMORY OF:     

JORDAN HYPES -  08-14-20

We received word of this earlier today. Please be in prayer for Helen, and his family, as arrangements are being made.

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Worship News:

· Registrations for In-person worship can be made on the Home page of our website, by email to:, or calling the office by Thursday at noon.

· We have added a live stream to YouTube on Sunday mornings.

Each week, as you join us Sunday at 10am, we will light a candle together to start our worship in-person and online:




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· Church lobby is open Mon.-Weds.-Thur.: 10am-1pm

· Masks are required for entry into the Church office or hallways.

· Please do not enter or exit by the Preschool doors, during school hours.  This east entrance is restricted, to monitor students & CEC staff only.  Thank you!

· Financial assistance is Tuesdays 10am-12noon, for local residents. While Food Pantry is closed until further notice, bags of emergency food are available Mon.-Weds.-Thurs. during lobby hours.  

· Office phones are answered Monday—Thursday:  9am-4pm. If necessary, please leave a message, and we'll get back with you.

Blessings! Debbi Love



School Prayer Guide Website:

Students & Parents: Pray for our students as they prepare to begin this new school year. Pray for a sense of peace and confidence as they deal with a lot of changes from the norm. Pray for an attitude of cooperation. Pray for their safety and protection both physically and emotionally. Pray for parents as they prepare to send their children back to school during these uncertain times or as they make plans for virtual learning. Help them to be confident of God’s protection for their children. Pray for the homes to be healthy places for learning.

School Administration: Pray for wisdom and guidance regarding the unique decisions that need to be made for their students during this unprecedented time of school opening. Pray for safety, protection and peace as they go through each day. Ask God to help them create an environment of unity, cooperation, appreciation and respect on their campus.

Teachers & Coaches: Pray for our teachers as they are preparing for this new school year while facing the changes due to the pandemic. Pray for protection as well as strength and perseverance to carry out their responsibilities. Ask God to give them a sensitivity towards each student. Pray for coaches as they deal with the difficulties surrounding practices, scheduling, new safety procedures, etc. Pray that teachers and coaches will have a strong sense of how significant their impact is in each of their student’s life.

Support Staff For School & District: Pray for the safety and protection of each member of the support staff. Pray for their strength, stamina and peace as they deal with the unique challenges that this year brings for their position. Ask God to give them an understanding of their importance to the school communities.

District Leadership: Pray that they will be given wisdom and discernment regarding the decisions for the students in their county during this unprecedented time. Pray for courage and strength as they strive to balance the demands and needs of the authorities, their schools and communities to continue to meet their students’ needs. Pray that there will be unity and like mindedness among the decision makers.

Our Communities: Pray for an attitude of unity and togetherness among the communities. Ask God for opportunities that will provide support, encouragement and care for each of our schools so they can thrive even during these challenging times. Pray for God’s safety and protection from the Coronavirus over each community and that our communities will return to a normal and healthy way of life very soon.

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