"You've Received A Random Act Of Kindness!"

Our church has ventured out into trying something new. We want to encourage all of our congregation to carry some "Surprise" business cards with them as they go out into the world during their week. We want you to randomly give a kindness gift to someone and leave them a card to help spread the word and share the love of Christ. We hope that this will then spark an interest in them doing the same for someone else or just strike up a conversation about it. 

Together we can spread the love of Christ throughout the entire community!

Some Simple Ideas You Can Do For Someone:

  • Pay for their meal at a restaurant.

  • Mow your neighbor's lawn for a week or two.

  • Buy a movie gift card and leave it on their door or in their mailbox.

  • Clean up any trash or leaves in their yard. 

  • Take out the trash for them.

  • Give them a visa gift card with enough to help pay a water bill or whatever amount you feel led to. 

  • Bake someone cookies or a pie.

These are just some examples of how we can show our neighbors and people around town that we care for them just like Jesus asked us to. Be sure to leave a "Surprise" card for them in return so they understand the reason that you're doing it. 

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