Remaining with or Disafilliating from
the UMChurch

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 Hi Folks,

I pray all is well with you. Below is a link to thour "Process" for making the decision to remain with or to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church

The decision for FUMCTavares to remain in the UMC or to disaffiliate from the UMC will be tough and painful. I wish it were otherwise. Yet, we must prayerfully discern God's future for our church.


Please check this page often. I will keep you up to date on the process. More importantly, I want to point us to seek Jesus, to cast our cares on him and trust in his leading. 

Your friend on the journey, 

Pastor Mike

This is the Presentation schedule as well as Q & A meetings and our Church Conference.

All events will be in the SANCTUARY, except the Q & A with the Pastor will be in the PARLOR.


Rev. Tim Carson

The State of the UMC

Thursday 08/26, 6:30pm


Rev. Mike McAvoy

The Free Methodist Church

Thursday 09/15, 6:30


Church Conference

Thursday 12/08, 6:30

Vote to Remain/Disaffilaite


Rev. Bob Bushong

The United Methodist Church

Thursday 09/01, 6:30pm


Rev. Chris Akers

Pastor, UMC Pastor

WCA Church Renewal Movement Leader

Thursday 09/29, 6:30


Pastor Mike Briggs

Pastor's statement on where God has him on this issue


Pastor Mike Briggs

The Future: First UMC Tavares

Q and A Gatherings